Top-Notch Auto Body Rust Repair

Is there any red-orange-brownish metal coating accumulating on your classic vehicle? If yes, bring your vehicle to Concourse and Custom. We provide high-quality auto body rust repair service for all classic cars and motorcycles. Our team can handle all types of rust repair with precision and care.

We use the latest techniques and tools to remove rust from your vehicle’s body and perform the repainting job to restore it to its original mint condition.

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Auto Body Rust Repair

The Need for Rust Repair

Classic cars are cherished for their historical and aesthetic value. But over time, exposure to moisture, salt, and varying temperatures can cause the metal components of these vehicles to oxidise and rust. This deterioration not only mars the vehicle's appearance but also compromises its structural integrity. Rust can form in hidden areas such as the undercarriage, wheel wells, and beneath the paint.

If you want to revive the original shine of your beloved car, you need rust repair services from an experienced auto restoration team like Concourse and Custom. We excel in restoring these old gems to their original pristine appearance so you can drive your prized vehicle for many years to come.

Expert Rust Repair Hamilton Services

If you notice red-orange-brownish spots or patches on the body of your heritage vehicle, or if you see flaky paint or bubbling paint on the surface of your car, bring it to our workshop for vehicle restoration and rust repair.

Concourse & Custom's team has the skills and knowledge to fix even the most stubborn corrosion or oxidation issues. Our 20 years of experience in automotive restoration have enabled us to provide excellent and reliable service. We address visible areas as well as those hidden under panels and in other hard-to-reach spots to ensure no rusty space is left on the body of your car.

Our services begin with a thorough inspection of your vehicle to assess the extent of the rust damage. This step is crucial as it helps us identify all affected areas and recommend the best course of action.

After assessment, we move on to the actual rust removal process. This involves cleaning and removing rust from both the surface and deeper layers. We employ advanced techniques such as mechanical abrasion, sandblasting, and chemical treatments, depending on the severity and location of the rust.

Structural and Surface Repair

After rust removal, the next step is repairing any structural damage caused by the rust. This includes reinforcing weakened areas and welding new metal patches where necessary. Our goal is to restore the original strength and stability of your vehicle's body. Additionally, we sand and smooth all repaired surfaces to prepare them for painting.

Priming and Painting

To protect against future rust, we apply a high-quality primer to the affected areas. This primer acts as a barrier against moisture and contaminants. Following priming, our team of classic car painters in Hamilton, NZ paint the repaired areas to seamlessly match your vehicle's original colour. Our paint application process ensures a flawless finish, making distinguishing between the repaired and original sections impossible.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate for all our rust repair services.

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How much does rust repair cost?

The cost of rust repair depends on the extent and severity of the damage to your vehicle. Our experts provide free estimates for all our services so you know exactly what to expect before any work begins.

How long does the rust repair process take?

The duration of the rust repair process can vary from a few days to several weeks depending on the extent of the rust damage and the specific requirements of your classic car. We will provide a detailed timeline following the initial inspection.

Are you able to match the original paint colour?

Yes, we specialise in matching original paint colours and finishes. We use high-quality paint products and advanced colour-matching technology to ensure your classic car retains its authentic look.

How do you ensure the repaired areas will not rust again?

We use advanced rust prevention techniques, including applying high-quality rust inhibitors and protective coatings.

What types of classic cars do you work on?

We work on a wide range of classic cars, including American muscle cars, vintage European models, and other collectible vehicles. Our team has experience with various makes and models, ensuring high-quality restoration work for all classic cars.

Can rust repair be done on-site, or does the car need to be brought to the workshop?

Due to the complexity and tools required for rust repair, the vehicle needs to be brought to our workshop to ensure the highest quality of service.

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